Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Tom Clancy type conspiracy over MH370

As I read this article from Yahoo Singapore, I can't helped feeling that wifey could be right that the B777 was stolen. She must have recalled how Malaysian air force fighter engines was once stolen to have made that seemingly absurd suggestion. But you must know this is Malaysia!

Of course the search parties could not find any wreckage if it never crashed. The giveaway as the Americans suggested is the data transmission from the two engines to ground receivers which the thieves must have forgotten. So it probably flew at least a few hours more and to some unknown air field. As you can't sell this plane, perhaps they want to use it as a giant missile sometime in 9/11 style? Now if this speculation has more than a grain of truth, what have they done to the passengers? Also who were the thieves? I would think the most likely answer are the two pilots.

The Police should be calling on the pilots' families soon.

Update: March 14 9:10 am

I heard over the radio that the Americans are searching the Indian Ocean for the plane. Now that is putting action to words. Again the Malaysians look bad claiming there is no truth that the plane remained airborne for a few hours after disappearing from secondary radar.

The plot is thickening and I think the US is using the search operations as a cover to buy time whilst the intelligence agencies are hard at work looking for the stolen plane and fathoming its reasons.

Update: March 15 5:55 pm

We were waiting for our lunch to be served at Swensens' when I read this off my S3. For the next couple of hours I kept checking for PM Najib statement. Typically Malaysian, it didn't start on time. He was so late that I had time to watch parts of it on CNA after we got home.

How are they going to hunt for the plane now? The Chinese are understandably very motivated but do they have the assets? Thus far this episode has shown the overwhelming superiority of US military and intelligence capabilities over the Chinese.

Update: March 15 9:20 pm

A good graphic by ST making the two corridors Najib spoke about clearer. Time the great revealer will tell what actually happened. If the southern corridor is where the plane was headed then they could have crashed into the sea when the plane was out of fuel. I am more sympathetic to the scenario that the plane had landed. In fact the most reasonable guess is that the one or both pilots were the criminals behind it all. Closet jihadists you think? And everyone who hides must eventually comes out.


  1. who is hiding what and why?

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014
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  2. Missing Malaysian Jet Said Tracked to Ocean Off Australia

    By Alan Levin and Olga Kharif - Mar 15, 2014

    The last satellite transmission from a Malaysian airliner missing for a week has been traced to the Indian Ocean off Australia, far from where searches have taken place, according to a person familiar with the analysis.

    A path from Malaysia to the ocean off Australia would have taken as much as 3,000 miles, about the maximum distance the Boeing Co. (BA) 777-200 could have flown with its fuel load.

    Flight 370 may have flown beyond its last known position about 1,000 miles west of Perth, and that location may not be an indication of where the plane ended up, said the person, who spoke on condition of not being named because of the sensitivity of the information.

    source :


    He said it - whatever

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