Friday, February 14, 2014

WP vs PAP: Our unusual politics

I came across this article by David Brooks in the NYT by happenstance. It is a very well written piece which certainly whet my appetite for the book which this article was based: Fire and Ashes. I must find the time sometime to read it. Meanwhile my thoughts dwell on the unusual character of Singapore politics compared with the eloquence of confession what regular politics is like. 

The WP wants to promote a different other worldly politics. The PAP facing an opposition respond like any dog would when it sees a bone. Fortunately it takes two hands to clap or we shall have politics like David Brooks is writing here.

WP brand of politics is not natural to human nature. In the back of my mind I am always afraid like Goujian, the WP as a small and under resourced opposition is a totally different creature when they become strong. Then we shall see the politics as usual elsewhere happening in Singapore. To me that would be the end of us. Honest to heart that is the only reason for the PAP to keep trying to fix them. Bear in mind these words from the article: To be a politician is to be "worldly and sinful and yet faithful and fearless at the same time....

Are our politicians up to this lofty and contradictory existence? Lincoln lied about the Confederate party being in town to negotiate peace in order to get his amendment passed.

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