Monday, February 10, 2014

PM at Istana Party

Look at his shirt! Good thing he has a singlet underneath. He must have been working hard trying to meet as many of the old folks as possible.

I always feel that at the small things and these are the most important things, this guy is faultless. But I don't like the way he deals with long term issues. In fact, I am even disdainful of the way he tried or allowed others to fix the opposition.


  1. Looks like bra to me, somemore with a little set of boobs.

  2. I could not resist, please forgive me...

    The two Sardarjis are standing solidly behind PM Lee...

    Reminded me of how another country man, Jarmit Singh, who could unclasped his wrist watch whenever he demonstrated his unwavering dramatic support for LKY by punching his hand in the air...