Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our men in uniform: Brave ASP, Stupid LTC

The COI chairman feels that ASP Jonathan Tang deserves a medal. Coming from a highly respected retired high court judge, I haven't read of anyone disagreeing.

ASP Tang displayed calm and courage under fire in a situation he and his men were never trained for. As I had recently watched a documentary of the Yom Kippur War, I think he had his Yom Kippur moment and responded with a clear mind and good judgment as the Israelis had under an overwhelming Arab onslaught. We need more officers like him. We could never prepare for all situations, especially the Black Swan ones but with officers like him we will get out successfully and make a quick and successful comeback. His top bosses had failed him and yet he coped. They had even failed to provide him the basic tools especially the ability to communicate with other officers. What a shame. Had our policy makers brought a cost led and "Just in Time" mindset where they provide specifically for specific situations and nothing more? This will leave ground commanders and men in a "you die your problem" situation.

Just like the Israelis during the 1973 war, I don't think we can provide and equip our officers for every scenario but we should keep trying until successful to train them to respond in novel situations like ASP Tang had. This is especially vital for the SAF which I shall next discuss.

While netizens are decrying animal abuse by the LTC and WO in Pasir Ris camp and the NSF soldier meted with punishment for whistle-blowing (they use a more legitimate reason to punish him), we are shockingly blind to the real issue here which I am sure TNI in Indonesia must surely have noticed. They must be laughing at this stupid LTC. What has tying up a dog this way have to do with permanently stopping dog bites? Mindef is equally idiotic to follow up with a picture of a dog bitten leg and missed the incompetence of their LTC.

Do you for a moment imagine an Indonesian army camp will have such biting dogs problem? This is completely absurd. They would have dealt with it.

To me that LTC is unfit for command. You can't solve a dog problem how can you even competently engage rifle toting enemies? Unless they come to you as per the exercises you were trained before? That is not going to happen stupid.

Something is deadly wrong with our SAF. We ought to be very worried. The two defence ministers better do something about this post haste.

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