Friday, February 7, 2014

Istana CNY Party: You are "un-invited"

Dr Tan Cheng Bock has been prevented from showing up at the CNY Istana party this coming weekend. I don't want to speculate the reasons but I note surely the vast Istana grounds could accommodate many more people. Also how much can these additional invitees eat? Also how do keeping them away add rather subtract from the gathering. I would have thought the people from the past would offer first hand account of their experience that is beneficial to those currently holding office. Looks like old guard ministers still with us would also not qualify to attend this time round.

Anyway what is the mystery? Gradually this government is getting stupider and stupider. Even the Indonesians have seized upon this opportunity to name their new frigate to test what we are made of. George Yeo often a farseeing fellow had said after the last GE, "Whither Singapore?"

I am not waiting for the PA to say something intelligent. I hope someone would at least ring my bell if they do.

Update: 4:50 pm

The intelligent word came from PA deputy boss hours ago. I still think it is dumb. Just invite them this year but not next year. Problem solved. Imagine I had made a mistake with my wedding invitation and then call a guest up to rescind it. Gosh! That fellow will never forgive me.

Stupid is the word. They absolutely have no class.

And should Tan Cheng Bock had posted this to Facebook? Well I think the public is interested and this is useful information relevant to us. I don't think someone who is stupid to "un-invite" him for a wedding reception to undo a mistake, he would write a post on that. People's Association, we are the People and we need to know.


  1. tells a lot about how grateful they can be for people who have served them - remember life is short. This is certainly a message that will backfire - good luck to our future

  2. "Last year I had to be helped to get back into my car...."

    Ask yourself. Why would they let an ex-presidential candidate appear more popular than the current sitting President despite his winning a very narrow margin?