Thursday, February 13, 2014

Brain-dead woman gave birth

This isn't the first time I had read a story like this and I had hesitated blogging about it especially when I was busy. This time was different as somehow it had provoked new associations in my mind.

Nature is brutal, just watch Animal Planet to confirm this. It is probably not wrong to say that God is at least as brutal. If he wasn't our holy books would have to be rewritten. For a start, the Bible will not have the book of Job.

But God is only brutal for time trapped beings like us. Once God decided to put himself into the same prison of time and space he was not the slightest bit brutal except towards himself. He also allowed others to act violently against him.

I wrote to an old friend about what I thought and had previously learned from this story. I don't think she would understand what I was trying to say. Someday perhaps I shall explain. That was a good example of the time trap we are all in. If we were not confined to the timeline, she could travel ahead to understand what I meant and return to present time. With my limited understanding and using the expanded mental possibilities from the little Physics I picked up in school, we have taken a baby step toward God and grown in faith. This time not with scripture but nature. Nevertheless to me he speaks to us primarily through his Son and mostly in the form of a time confined human, who was never cruel. He came to us becoming us as we could never go to him.

Oh dear, I have intellectualize everything as a form of encryption for something more down to earth and personal. This must be one of the longest encryption keys ever.

Decryption key: The Joseph Story

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