Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PM: Wished he was born 50 years later

Even before my kids were born, my late father often suggested that they will have a tougher time than my siblings and I. He was right. Now when I see my niece, nephew and my kids work at school, the evidence is overwhelming on top of what you read in the media and the testimonies of relatives and friends.

But the young also have far more opportunities to the degree I could never imagine.

The PM sells himself that he would have preferred to be born 50 years later. In a way he is right. It is a very difficult and thankless job to be PM. Let someone else do the job and you can have your life to yourself. However it could be a less meaningful and purposeful life too if you care enough for others.

If you overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities, the future is bright. If you fail to make the grade you would wish life was like before as you believe you would do better. Question is will we have a small number of winners and many losers? The income gap is about a tiny number of rich people with a crowd of the unwashed masses. The answer to this question is personal and has to be aggregated to give the result for this society. However we must bear in mind that in an very imperfect world we need to be cognizant of what is possible and whether if we are already the least worst among all others.

As we cannot choose to be born, let's not waste time with fictitious questions and get on with making the best of this life.

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