Thursday, January 30, 2014

No to burning of effigies

I had wanted to blog about this when it first appeared in our media but was too busy.

Burning effigies is for me not the Singapore way. Anyone who attempts to do this is out of my good book immediately. Gilbert Goh is crazy, and appears to me attention seeking and a shallow thinker. In many societies such men are dangerous but Singaporeans are more matured and can judge better.

What is the Singapore way? There is no need to detail it here after all I am blogging for myself and family but the SG government better keep this squarely in mind. If we bring in too many foreigners, we will lose the SG way and with it all the advantages which people sought to come here in the first place. Simply put the PM's population policies then was the dumbest thing he had done and I hope for any PM of Singapore ever. If not for the political capital the Party had built up over the years, the drubbing at the polls could have been worse.

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