Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MCE: Learning through mistakes

Ever since the PM in an National Day Rally speech that we have to move from fail safe to safe to fail, the public service have abused that paradigm. The latest and most high profile is the opening of the MCE.

Sure we learn from our mistakes but if everything the civil service does it takes the attitude that it is alright to be less than perfect as we shall learn from any mistakes made then every service roll out will be bad. Every experience is an opportunity to learn from mistakes. Excellence just died. Singapore becomes ordinary. Cynics wonder why we pay our ministers and civil servants so well....

Sure fail safe was impractical but safe to fail is stupid.

Government is not in the short lived and quick life cycle tech business. It should avoid the beta software attitude.


  1. One hopes the "safe to fail" mentality does not take root in the SAF and MOD

  2. When Singapore becomes ordinary, the reason for Singapore and Singaporeans to exist will vanish. Reason: Why invest in Singapore when our neighbors have so much more to offer.

    Why must investors pay more when Singapore and Singaporeans are no better than our competitors in the region and beyond?

    The MCE debacle by LTA require answers. Those who cannot take the heat and deliver, please get out...NOW!!!