Tuesday, December 24, 2013

PM's breakfast with first responders

I downloaded this pic from 938 Live of my Facebook news feed.

Note the red ellipse. That is Ho Ching pouring out water for a first responder at the Little India riot.

Except for the commissioner, all the senior officers were standing. Today they honored the guys at the front line.

Some people might see this as excessive but I think we didn't do enough in the past. If only more senior people respect those at the bottom more, we can make things much better.


  1. Oh well we can give them A for effort.
    In any case I have always maintained that no matter what we have to say about LKY, he and Mrs Lee have brought up their children well. All do not put on airs and in at least two of them I can see a strong sense of public duty. In all the cabinet , I think the PM is one of handful in whom I can detect this sense of duty to the country. I am glad they did not make the lower ranks scapegoats in this affair. The Force must be very demoralized. I am glad the PM making an effort.

  2. Agreed! This small gesture by PM really boost up the morale of those blue knights! I'm sure the rank and file feel different now.