Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jamie Oliver exposed McDonalds unedible food

I do not know how McDonalds here sourced their raw materials to make the foods they sell us but over in America the famous chef Jamie Oliver had done America and the world over a favor exposing them.

Unfair and also likely unreliable, my palate protested that their stuff tasted like reconstituted nutritional chemicals. For these two burgers the big firm hasn't gotten the taste test right yet. With their more mature products they are doing lots better but it is all deceptive. We had McDonalds two or three times when we were there on holiday in 2011, except for the Angus burger everything especially the chicken nuggets tasted better and more wholesome than what you could buy in Singapore.

You can't be 100% about food and many things else. Fortunately we don't eat there very often.

I think their fries are alright but watch the more complex offerings.

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