Thursday, December 26, 2013

Do-Not-Call Registry Fiasco

MCI is helmed by the ineffective Yaacob Ibrahim. Therefore I am not surprised he has messed up another initiative once more. The Do-Not-Call or DNC registry.

Some netizens don't see anything wrong to have these exemptions because you will not be getting spam from organizations which you do not already have a relationship with. I suppose that is what the wonks at MCI also thought was reasonable. That is shallow thinking and clearly showing up the inadequate grasp of the guys in charge of this. More clued in folks like former Digital Life editor Alfred Siew grasped its stupidity quickly.

My take? What is to prevent the larger organizations e.g, Singtel; a local bank and especially Sing Post from partnering with other businesses just to spam you? These purportedly locked out organizations would pay Sing Post or Singtel an access fee to get their messages to us. MCI didn't realize that they have opened up a back door! The DNC registry would in quick time be completely defeated.

This whole thing has become stupid as stupid does. What a shame. We need some spring cleaning of the people at MCI, MDA, IDA etc.,

Update: Dec 27, 6:20 am

Front page news!

Update: Dec 27, 7:55 am

I didn't have to wait long at all.

I used to sell my car before we moved overseas a few years ago. Since then I had received commercials from them every week which I regularly delete.

Look, what is the relationship between sgcarmart and Shell? How would the latest tweak to the DNC apply here. It would defeat the whole purpose of the DNC. Waste of time.

Update: Dec 31, 7:30 am

Indeed the Personal Data Protection Commission were clueless about their job. They were just order takers. If you can be more persistent and organized and press your logic you get what you want. They are not capable of independent thought much less grasp the broader issues, consequences and the impact in the future. They were easy picking because of the ignorance for businesses to manipulate.

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