Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving becoming popular here

My wish is coming true. Looks like more and more locals are also starting to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Another friend also put up pictures of Thanksgiving dinner of local fare.

Update: Nov 30

Just discovered this in the ST.

Not sure if many are celebrating as a truly Thanksgiving feast but it sure help to be called Thanksgiving if you missed the whole idea.


  1. What are Singaporeans commemorating ? The landing of the Pilgrims in America. Maybe we should celebrate 4th of July too.

    1. All of us have many many reasons to be thankful but too many fail to recognize this.

    2. I do agree with you that we often forget to be grateful for all that is given to us. The Pilgrims in the US created Thanksgiving to celebrate the first harvest. That was literally a matter of life and death to them. Thanksgiving in the US is a day when families are reunited to to celebrate. We have days also where families get together. CNY, Hari Raya and Xmas for the Christians amongst us. I just fear having a copycat celebration in a place with no such tradition will will be seen as an affectation of the western educated well to do classes. So much nicer if we remember thankfulness on our own special days. Of course it is better to be thankful everyday if we remember. By the way, I enjoy your blog. There is a rare even - handedness, humanity and common sense here that I wish I saw more often.

    3. You made very good points about celebrating Thanksgiving here. We must never allow it to supplant our local special days. I do not plan to celebrate US Thanksgiving here but we celebrated when we were in America in 2011. LOL looking back I think we enjoyed Black Friday even more!