Friday, November 29, 2013

Thailand march to civil war?

I am just pessimistic that the social and political divide in Thai society can be resolved peacefully. What an audacious act to storm the Army HQ. Months from now I wonder if this was the moment Thailand started on the path to civil war, and if not now then I suppose it is another date for the choosing.

Previously my friends never joined the protests but this time the whole family is proudly doing so and keeping up with posting after posting on Facebook. The Thai scholar friends my girls have at school are also anti-Thaksin. The Thais that are supporting him which I had met were those running Thai food outlets when we were living in Dubai.

Not the same but morally equivalent doesn't this resemble the American south insistence on keeping a slave class or underclass? Unless you have perfected the system as the Indians had with the Caste system this thing is bound to blow up in a bloody manner again and again.

Update: Nov 30, 9:35pm

Smart to leave or they would be forcing the military to act against them. At least this is clear. No party must be seen to force the army to act. That party will lose.

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