Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Australia's Stupidest PM

When the gaffe prone Tony Abbott became Australia's PM I feared for them that there will be many more moments of stupidity, and true enough I didn't have to wait very long. In fact, his lack of diplomatic good sense had surprised me on the downside and completely threw me off. Pity he had also picked Bishop as foreign minister. Both of them should just pay attention to keeping fit which they excelled. Not sure what else they are good at but to be fair I don't know both well except of their extraordinary ability to dig holes in the ground for themselves. Simple question. Forget about Indonesia, but how does all these serve Australia's interests?

I don't think we have seen the last of his stupid acts, in fact I wonder how long he would last as PM. The chap doesn't have the brains, skills and definitely judgement to be effective. His frequent gaffes suggest that he might not even be able to competently think. How on earth did he become party leader? If the Aussies can throw up someone like him to be PM what is the risk of the same happening to Singapore. In the main that is what I am interested in.

Update: Nov 21 1:30pm

The stupidity of Tony Abbott and his inner circle is running ahead of my expectation. Sad day for Australia to have such buffoons as leaders. Fromer PM Malcolm Fraser is pressing for this idiot to be sacked immediately. Right!

Indonesia and Australia importance to each other is like the one between us and Malaysia. If the Aussies cannot conduct themselves with common sense with their most important neighbor how is any other country going to be able to trust much less do business with them. I am just shocked at the low standards the Aussie government has descended to. SBY must be wondering how on earth such a bad dream is happening. And Tony Abbott will keep doing stupid things until he is kicked out.

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  1. "And Tony Abbott will keep doing stupid things until he is kicked out."

    Which is more than what you can say about the son of old fart.