Monday, November 25, 2013

95 year old Ah Por killed herself

I got this from TOC. Finally I decided to write about it as I could not keep it out of my mind.

She is not alone in feeling about wanting to die when she was no longer 'useful'. She is alone in that she succeeded. I have heard from other old folks how they wished their lives could end because they are 'useless' and/or do not want to burden the family.

Look at this clip, the family could obviously afford her medical expenses.

Her suicide is likely her final act of love to the family. But is this love? Imagine had the family been among the wealthiest here, I don't think she would have taken that tragic course. Her medical expenses would be nothing compared to their wealth. Money isn't everything but everything is money.

So is the solution for preventing such deaths come from the government? Nobody is richer than the government but the state do not take care of one sick and elderly only. Given that we are a democracy, society must decide. We are never rich enough. We could save more people but the way we live, we are basically a selfish people despite showing much evidence of generosity. Mostly we do not give without receiving. Many friendships are basically transactional based on cycles of going into debt and repaying debt. Not just over money but everything. And when you are old and sick and could no longer give, the culture of avoiding debt means you also do not receive. Most do not have the guts to kill themselves like Ah Por but they share her desire for death. I do not know the true reasons why Ah Por killed herself but her demise had caused me to remember how I thought and felt in my dealings with the elderly sick.

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