Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Pope and the Boy in Yellow

I caught this from George Yeo. They remember Jesus example, they will never turn away a child. In fact the Pope is more than happy to have him. Given that I so often criticize the big issues I welcome the opportunity for balance. Daily living offer many small and beautiful things and experiences but you don't blog about the sweet mundane. They are just background or canvas.

Here is the video.

Update: Nov 1, 9:20am

Someone left this in a comment for me. Thanks! This is the official and HD version.

Update: Nov 1, 9:30am

Made our ST front page today too.


  1. it is really very interesting following Pope Francis. There is this website Rome Reports that carries very interesting snippets especially of his speeches which touch the day-to-day issues in our lives. Enjoy :

  2. They have put up a HD video on the episode here
    some parts really touching and so human