Monday, October 28, 2013

Got the Lumix DMC-TZ40 Camera

Wifey helped me picked up the Lumix DMC-ZS30/TZ40 today from Harvey Norman.

The salesperson opening price was $479 but wifey produced the website pic I sent her that it is only $438.

I rejected the extended two year warranty. It is expensive at $67 and I don't have the time to use my cameras very often anyway.

This camera has wonderful specs. Far better than my Canon Powershot SX150 I bought two years ago. It also possess another significant advantage. I can charge it on the go using its proprietary USB cable tethered to any of my power banks.

Now I have to condition the battery for over 8 hours.

This would be a most welcome gadget for our upcoming holidays in Japan.


  1. Does your model include NFC ( Near Field Communication ) ? What NFC a criteria for purchase ?

    1. Yes comes with NFC. No, to me that's a frill.