Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pastors here should read this book

Practically all pastors in Singapore should read Ps Elijah Leong book, 'He Raise Me Up' They will learn not to be so fixated with ministry success and learn the truth that God did not call us to be successful but to be faithful.

So many pastors have such unhappy family lives. Some even ended up in divorce and breaking up the family. Many have children with disciplinary problems and I know a few have kids who are jumping from one bed to another.

A hundred years ago, many missionaries went to China also suffered the same fate e.g., Pearl S Buck's missionary father. This is really sad. People must do God's work in God's way. Pastors like everyone else have too much ego, too much envying success in the secular form. Big congregations, big money, big reputation. A few 'made it' but many crash on the rocks.

The story from Elijah Leong ended well. He received his Joseph Story through absolutely no merit of his but God's wonderful grace. He had done well to share his story and ambitious pastors ought to read and learn from his life.


  1. the most important fault any pastor (and by extension, any other religious leaders in whatever faith or religion) will ruin not just the mission but lose the souls (and faith) of those who follow in the search for God is SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS. And any measure of success by the perfect balancing of a monetary budget or a successful or comfortable bottom-line figure very often leads to the road of destruction. When God calls, He will provide. All the adherent needs is to listen and respond "Here I am Lord". No need for committees, business plan and financial budgets. They never really work ... in the end.