Friday, September 27, 2013

CHC running out of money

City Harvest Church could run out of money and lose their part share of Suntec. This is the result of public judgment of their 'secretive evangelistic effort', which is more truly a blasphemous act of its leaders against God's good name to satisfy their own worldly and ego needs.

Whatever the court's verdict might be which is many months away, I think the court of public opinion is slowly crucifying them without redemption or resurrection. The churchgoers at City Harvest are better off looking elsewhere to go to. Why waste your time and money on them?

The price of going to bed with the devil is you end up as a corpse. Now fighting for breadth to stay alive eh?

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  1. Those who use the name of God to fleece the gullibles and facilitate greedy people to exploit the companionship of followers for their self interest will find hell not just on earth but eventually, in eternity