Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CHC Hanafi: $1000 for a soul is good business

To the leaders of City Harvest Church, the Gospel is all business. Better don't mix religion with business, it's a matter of time it all come to grief. You don't even mix charity with business unless you go into it as a social enterprise. 

No wonder Christianity here is considered the preferred religion of the rich. 

I don't know what they mean by winning souls Are won souls like them? He said it is hard for the public to understand. I think lots of us don't want to understand. I am afraid if we try we would end up completely losing our sense of right and wrong. If this is the Gospel you all can keep it for yourselves but I feel sorry for the people who have been scammed by these wolves in sheep clothing.

And here is another one that has a working relationship with CHC but not from there: 'Brother Foong'

One dangerous brother eh? How is he contributing to St. Luke's Hospital? Showing them how to hide anything inconvenient especially money matters?

CHC leaders are in the dock, but it is reasonable to believe the rot extends far beyond.

I see, a Jesus in suit, tie and boots. A sharp Jesus eh? Looks every bit like all false Jesus of the past.


  1. it is really disgusting to hear of people spending money so that they can "save souls". It is by one's conduct in being open and genuine care and respect for fellow human beings, rather than one's ability to spend money, that will win candidates for God. Winning souls should not be conducted like a secular business unless the entrepreneur wants to make a secular profit out of it

  2. Regarding Bro Fong: let's hear him out...he may not have said what was written....anyone did a hearing test on the lady?

  3. whatever, the ways of the world (to budget and look at bottom line as in secular business) are not the ways to win "souls" but rather to win "muppets and sheeple" for those scheming to make money out of insecure people seeking God