Saturday, August 24, 2013

How should WP respond to the NDR?

Now that the PAP is copying WP's suggestions and given that the government has far more resources and capabilities than the WP, what should WP do?

I think WP strength is to stay ahead of the curve.

The PAP together with the huge machinery of the civil service is like a supertanker. It cannot change course suddenly or easily. Even it if decides to speed up or slow down, the change in speed takes time. On the other hand the WP with no burden to carry out proposals is an agile skiff. It never need to worry too much about detailed practicalities and could always speed ahead to explore new possibilities.

In short the WP can make the PAP better than most PAP MPs who must sail more closely with the mothership. Very few PAP MPs have the confidence to stray too far.

The WP has helped us to make government better and I look forward to seeing them getting better at it.

1 comment:

  1. Na, nobody is copying the wp.
    Its a response to the ground.
    Why all this time?
    Because people dont like u turns in policy. Listen well, listen hard, listen to all parties each with their own pecuniary interests- then act.
    Watch the yells of protest from interest groups even as new policies are beneficial to the majority