Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got my copy of LKY's new book

I got my copy of LKY latest book today with the 10% discount as a Pop Club member. There wasn't a queue, quite unlike his memoirs or Hard Truths.

Curious I asked the cashier if the book is selling well and she said it's moving. I think so too as behind her there is a stack of them, but selling like hot cakes I think not.

I haven't removed the shrink wrap from the book. I think he can be objective with the rest of the world but quite bias with Singapore and his family especially his PM son. He had read the politics here quite wrong and that's why he is no longer MM today. Others still seek out his views but they are for international relations.

Unlike his former number two Dr. Goh which urged us to find our own way ahead, LKY is too eager to preach to us how to go forward. History informed us that it will not work. Thank you Mr. Lee, but now we are on our own.

My hunch tells me that I am going to completely disagree with him regarding Chen Show Mao. The ST said he had written about Chen in this book. Perhaps he should not have bothered to discuss him at all. That would be politically shrewder.

Update: 8:25pm

Perhaps my daughter is more interested and curious than me about this book. She took it to me and I unwrapped it. I read the sections on Indonesia and then went on to Malaysia. I was disappointed because I was hoping to read about tomorrow but the old LKY was reminiscing!

Now I have handed the book to my eager daughter, good for her. I will look at it another time. The future is not coming tomorrow but many things needing my attention are.

Update: August 8, 5:55am

I have misjudged the man. I had approached the book too simply. My ex boss told me you can't expect him not to be sensitive commenting on our relations with Indonesia and Malaysia. The reader must work out for himself what the writer had said. What he chose not to include is also important. The Indonesians are laid back and our investments in Iskandar and elsewhere carries risks which most investors have chosen to ignore. Really, with Malaysia and Indonesia you must hear him or those who had from him very often in private.

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