Thursday, August 15, 2013

Egypt: Obviously not ready for Democracy

LKY was right about democracy outside of Israel in the Middle East but please don't read it as the words of profound wisdom. Every half intelligent person on the streets of Cairo also knows.

Of course they needed to quote a professor. Just good journalism.

President Mursi botched it. Egypt had a chance to do it differently but now they are learning the hard way that only a tiny minority deserve democracy,  not enough to make a difference. So back to the bad and unsustainable old ways. This time the best and brightest of Egypt will leave.

Actually to be fair to Mursi, his hands are tied. Had he tried to be otherwise he would probably have lost the backing of his Muslim Brotherhood. So what Egypt needs is a LKY and the Old Guard but there is only one such team and we had them. Just plain bad luck, which is the luck of most third world countries.

Ourselves we have out grown LKY into risk and uncertainty. We have a good government but I have checked many times and we need minimum a great government.

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