Thursday, August 29, 2013

Anti-gay friend sends me Richie Parker

This friend from the US often irritate me with emails poking fun of President Obama. He is also anti-gay, anti-Muslims etc, but on and off he also sends me some of the most wonderful stuff. I got this from him this morning.

The Internet brings to us all sorts of stories. One of those things I have learned is that there are many Nick Vujicics in this world. Nick is nothing special and also most special. He and all like him.

Unlike Nick, Richie Parker has wonderful parents. He is also blessed with legs, something Nick lacks. You can see God's creation or Nature at work - the great economy, nothing is wasted. Just compare how he do things with Nick. They find a way as long as they believe it can be done. Closer home we have Dr. Yeo Sze Ling. Each of them is a huge inspiration. Each looks like children of a lesser God but it is in the less that you get more. Only believe. Half my job is to help my children go on believing.

The PM fought back tears telling Sze Ling's story. Good for him. It is in our weaker members that we learn that we are strong. How others around also learn to be strong. He is finding faith. Don't be too realistic like his father and he was fortunate to have men like Raja who gave us our pledge, to bring balance to his leadership. Those were his best years.

Some days I am idealistic and some days I am realistic. We need both. Our survival depends on it, no less because that is the secret from getting from good to great; from respect to admiration and love, which we know cannot be commanded. For all America's failings and there are too many to count, she is a great magnet for talent. Even as I let my friends of the religious right continue to irritate me before I delete their emails, I think it is worth it for the occasional gems they put out. I believe and is prepared to go on believing that they will change. They can believe the same about me too except they do not know those emails irritated me. That is the price for now I have to pay to keep them as friends.

Can we learn how to live with homosexuals among us in the Gospel fashion? Too many professing Christians don't even know what that means. They have made the Gospel smaller than Sin. Their pastors have a huge responsibility to put this right but are instead abetting them. They have an irresistible urge to to be successful in the conventional sense. What a mess they have created.

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