Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rice Cookers

Time to retire the old rice cooker. We  have had it since we got married. The Panasonic is taking its place to prepare rice for us.

I have told wifey that I think we have another old rice cooker. In my imagination it was the same one as the Sanyo we are giving up as its protective anti-stick coating is coming off (never wash rice in it as the grains are abrasive)

This morning wifey turned out the second rice cooker which looked completely different from the image in my mind. It was much smaller and barely good enough to serve the needs of family meals.

We shall be using the new rice cooker for the first time tonight. My bet is that we wouldn't tell the difference from our old cooker but my unanswered question is would the Zojirushi and Tiger branded ones which are extremely pricey make rice special? I am not willing to pay to find out. The most pricey rice cooker I came across was $888. Our Panasonic was only $62.

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