Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Please come clean

They sure don't like him. So I discover enough people feel like me toward him - talking from a high horse.

Physician heal thyself first before trying to help others.

You know if my hunch is right what most Singaporeans want is constructive engagement between all parliamentarians regardless of their colours. If you want to pick a fight make sure we are behind you otherwise you are just inviting ridicule.

No adversarial politics please even if our structure should naturally yield to that. We must rise above this.

Now can I have a better picture to balance this one?

How could politics ever be clean. We always try but at the end of the day I take my hat off to LKY. He told Charlie Rose he didn't claim to be right or clean but that his motives were honorable. Now watch this little bit of Lincoln at Vimeo. Is our honorable guy a greater and more virtuous man than Abraham Lincoln? Please get real.

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