Monday, July 15, 2013

Haze: Who's to blame

Quoting from the article:

Some of these are suspected to be caused by independent planters, say activists. The size of their plantations could be between 50ha and 1,000ha.
Of the 24 farmers caught illegally clearing land by burning earlier this month, up to 15 were working for these types of plantations, said Mr Riko Kurniawan, chief of the Riau chapter of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi). "Our studies found that most of these (owners) are businessmen from North Sumatra, such as from Medan, and some are former generals or politicians, but we are deepening investigations before releasing names," he said.

Very difficult problem for us. Many things to solve this problem are done behind closed doors. Such solutions if they do not produce a public and binding agreement never yield anything outcomes good enough.

Better go and stock up N95s and invest in air purifier. You can't count on the government on this one.

Heard over the radio that you can fit your Mercedes aircon with a filter that is the equivalent of N97. It's going to be popular eh?

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