Friday, July 26, 2013

AdSense Experiment

Blaming myself now for failing to make a post why I made some small experiments putting AdSense on a few pages of this blog. There wasn't a need to do this when I get so much more from my other more serious web assets. I vaguely recall reading an article which led me to the experiment.

I will never be serious with using AdSense here because I am blogging for myself. When I have the time I am going to remove all the AdSense here. Experiment over long ago and a waste of time when I can't remember why I even did it. Most unsatisfactory...I left for a few minutes and search 'AdSense' off this blog and what did I find? The partial reason for the experiment :-) Discover that only seven pages have AdSense notices and it has got to do with something I learned from "KaChing"

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