Friday, July 19, 2013

A Jihad National Day Song

Jihad is not inane "holy war" where people are duped into strapping bombs to their bodies to blow up infidels. Jihad is about struggle. I am not a Muslim but as an act of faith I believe they must include helping each other in our struggles, and that's how I see this song by Lorraine Tan. Just lovely! Another gem!

While others wait for the sun and rain to bless their crops or dig into the ground in search of abundant wealth, our story will always be one of Jihad. We are complain kings and that's fine but failing to constantly struggle for tomorrow is not fine. Enjoy the struggle. Don't retire but find something you are happy to work on. A government white paper that assume we will retire is just simply nonsensical and faithless. Sure, the people are tired and say after a lifetime of toil they want to rest but if you have enough wisdom you will realize that when the time come they would want to work.

I just came from a quick tour of because my brother Whatsapp me about it. Very knowledgeable but quite unwise. I hope I would change my mind when I have the time to look at it more carefully.

And the Mandarin version.

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