Sunday, June 30, 2013

Picking a Wedding Gift

Wifey spent much of yesterday evening picking out a gift at Amazon for our friend's daughter who is getting married in less than month. It is so much easier to buy something for our friends over there. When we get gifts from them, I always baulk at how much they paid for shipping.

I had forgotten and totally missed the line, "To Have And To Hold". Wifey had attached a YouTube clip in a follow up email and I was puzzled what it was for. I didn't really care and thoroughly enjoyed the clip. Hey I assumed it was for me.

but as it often happened to me and that's why I usually avoid going to YouTube, I noticed something interesting on the right of the playing video. Ah, I have this song too but don't much listen to it: Beautiful Girl. I didn't know Jose Marie Chan wrote and sang.

Then I saw a much more popular and updated edition by Christian Bautista...these Filipinos are so talented.

You ask me, I prefer the one by Jose Marie Chan. I am not telling why, I am going to give it sometime and see if I still feel the same when I come back, then I would add an update to this post. Let's just quickly say I don't like the new mores. The one with Jose Marie Chan had him in a photo with a woman near the end. I guessed that must be his wife. I later confirmed it with Google. These days we just Ask Google.

Update: 9:00pm

My kids asked me what I was blogging about and then I showed them how the two clips wrapped up. Here you see Jose Marie Chan with his wife. In the other clip are four women the boy had relationships with. Four copies of him will complete the show. It's a different world with different mores.

Update: July 6

This is what we are sending them in the end. Just got notified by Amazon that it has been shipped.

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