Friday, May 31, 2013

Online curbs: Govt not stupid but clueless sometimes

Note: I cleaned this up. The original post was created with the  unsatisfactory Blogger for Android writing from the Library.

I had wondered if it was true that Anthony Chen did not receive government funding for his award winning film. I waited for the truth to be revealed and it was worth waiting.

This government would have supported Sim Wong Hoo if only they knew how to recognize him. Between then and now they have learned much. The government is not stupid but it could often be clueless.  Today they face a world that is running ahead of them. They will be clueless more often than ever.

Everyone has enemies. If you think you don't it is probably you are just ignorant especially when they decided they didn't need to do anything about you and just let you expire in good time. Perhaps the government should do this more often with its foes on the Internet. Now it has chosen to wield its huge sword without actually using it.

We ought to remember that what cannot kill you can only make you stronger. Unlike the first generation our present leaders  were never scarred by narrowly escaping with their lives. Why over react? Or shall I say why act so quickly?

I can understand what they are getting to do with Yahoo but for the rest of us their light touch surely feels if anything but light. It's so self defeating.

Blogging off my S3 in Bedok Library. Not a good idea.

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