Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doc dumps insurance, charges less

A friend's son put this up. Kudos to him. He gets it.

I am worried about the trends of medical practice here. As I am not a doctor or healthcare executive, I look at it as simply as possible.

KISS (keep it simple stupid). The trend is for us to pay into a pool and the ways this is done can be maddeningly complex, and from there in ever complex ways over time, the doctors, surgeons and the hospitals are paid.

I always look for two things. How power is distributed and the manner which the money flow. As long as the patient relative power decline, he will end up paying more eventually. The Americans have gone to the far end on this and as is typical of them, the ground is throwing up their alternatives. Dr. Michael Ciampi is an early example. I hope there would be more, but first he must be successful with what he is doing.

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