Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Engaging or Fighting the Government?

Some bloggers wrote too much on this topic recently. I have no time to read them. Bertha gets to the point and is often better than the ST (link to her article). She should find a way to monetize her work.

I remember Nizam Ismail from the Hong Lim gathering. Not the name but that someone from AMP spoke.

Rules of engagement Bertha and others? I don't know. The PAP government is committed to being the 800 pound gorilla in our landscape and the only way for them to stay that way is never to face another 800 pounder. More likely they will engage to neutralize any creature that is adding pounds quickly.

The huge gorillas are only afraid of the ecology turning unfavorable to them, i.e., the people. If you are only 100 lbs but the ecology is in your favor, you win. Simple and powerful lessons from BBC 'Walking with Dinosaurs' series. Any creature that ignore this 'hard truth' is only setting itself to be fixed and dispatched. Not clever.

I can think of few situations where over turning the boat of Singapore is the right way to go. The best way to engage the PAP is a contest for the mandate of heaven. Not the Chinese style of bearing arms and marching on the capital city to dethrone the emperor but an ongoing contest of accountability and ideas such that the loser withdraws or else incur the wrath of the people at the ballot box. I hope we don't get to the point that voters are so angry with the government that they would even choose a monkey over the PAP candidate. I feel that way about them quite often these days and I wonder how large this company is. I am not among those who want to get the opportunity on May 1 to find out. The world is watching. Don't cut your nose to spite your face. As long as we locals and the government understand that is good enough.

Some helpful public words from the 800 pound gorilla would go some way to make things better. Something like let's not meet in a ring with the world watching us fight. Only fools accept Pyrrhic victories and we need only one idiot to make it so.


  1. Makes a lot of sense not to be drawn into putting up a boxing game which though entertaining, will have dire consequences for the country and also play right into the hands of exterior forces with own agenda(s). So what, having another 800 pound gorilla is not necessarily going to make a better gorilla unless the first one has never been a good one in the first place

  2. There were many moderates before 2011.
    After 2011 ... the number of moderates seemingly continue to dwindle as the months go by.
    And some people still don't know why .... sigh.
    If you so like that .... may be it's better you don't be a politician ....

  3. They had the chance to repair the bridge and earn back the trust that was lost. To do that, they had to repent and be honest. Too bad they only paid lip service and prove without doubt of their inability for genuine change. GG