Saturday, March 30, 2013

SMS Spam

So they have found me :-( I am getting more and more such spam messages. Not too many that I bother to unsub yet. I just delete them.

I think the risk is for interest rates to go up going forward. The best is behind us in this cycle. Problems in Europe especially arising from the fiasco in Cyprus is making the Fed cautious, but this is only delaying the inevitable. I just got an email complaining that the Euro has strengthened. I replied treachery is present in the markets.

These are tumultuous times indeed. I hope people are still able to sleep well. I have been waking up in the middle of the night sometimes several times in the past week.


  1. I think the more worrisome thing is that interest rates will not rise. Thanks to the irresponsible Helicopter Ben, the sin of reducing interest rates to zero has spread and that can only bring down the virtue of hard work and savings. Anyone who spends recklessly without even giving a thought of how if he or she does not earn first is only beggaring his or her neighbours. And the inevitable outcome arising from the loss of dignity of hard work and the sound practice of saving "for the rainy day" - war, disorder and death culture. Too many people are caught up in this evil practice - hopefully they will awaken before it gets too late!

  2. I suggest relaxing - and get some good sleep. Sleep well is the best natural prevention for many a health disorder - a good comforter, mattress and pillow ... The global economies will not get better from here given all the wrong policies in place, though there is a high probability of a "golden age" of recovery around the corner, about 2015-6. Keep that in mind - it may though well be the "calm before the storm"