Friday, March 15, 2013

HOTA and Trust

In the past I wouldn't bother to spend much time on this but now I do because the government can not longer be trusted.

So I went to find out more abut HOTA. I am seriously thinking of opting out. A hospital and healthcare system that only understand $$$ is likely to be loose with certifying brain death. A overloaded hospital system and over worked doctors are also more prone to make mistakes than in the past.

I am not agreeing to HOTA until they can prove its safety.

This is the hard fact of life: if everyone is safe, all of us are at risk. This is cruel but usually safety comes from not running last in the herd where predators pick you off. That is why I am floored by the Gospel. It has the confidence to stare down this fact of life and win. I am in awe that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has taken on the name Francis (of Assisi) as the new Pope.

We will learn at great cost that rationality is necessary but not sufficient to keep Singapore going.

Update: March 20, 9:35am

And see what our CJ had to say. He wasn't talking about HOTA but Euthanasia. It is relevant though.

Update: March 24, 9:35am

And now from Sunday Times the story the CJ alluded to. Suzanne Chin was definitely brain dead because her brain stem was damaged. Furthermore a heart valve was damaged to the point that it cannot be fixed except with open heart surgery. What happened to her was a miracle that she came back good as new.


  1. Incidentally, Pope Jorge has been living on a single lung for most part of his life. Well, I guess two heads (+Pope Benedict) are better than one. May he have a strong heart to lead and reform. Otherwise, New Pope = New Dope all over again. God bless, have a good weekend!

  2. Too often the new world can only expect work to be done by people with perfect bodies (and hopefully perfect minds). There is no place as a result for those who have advanced in age - it is not surprising that in our first world nation it means anyone beyond 40 - 50. This short-sightedness is a sickness that is bringing down society. Stragely at the same time, we are seeing a lot of young people wasting their time on electronic gadgets and casual twitting and chatting instead of really doing something solid in society. It will be awesome surprise if Pope Francis will show the world something that a 70+ but intellectually sound and prayerful person can give to humankind - firstly his selection of Francis as the name is so apt. Like St Francis I hope he will forge a cordial brridge with Muslims and bring morals and ethics back to a decadent world. In God's Grace, and Inshallah!

  3. When even 10 Downing Street have to deny making special arrangement for MRI for LKY's wife, do you even stand a chance if his son need a better heart or soul?

    I do not know but I played safe.

  4. To add to your risk. Consider that you will be on CPF Life. The $$$$ incentive to the state is better for you dead than alive. Reduce medical care cost and retirement funding cost. To blindly trust the G to take care of us is take the G for God.