Sunday, February 3, 2013

"I've forgiven the driver"

I had thought I was among the few who mourn with the family, but soon enough I realized the whole nation mourned with them.

Then I found out that we shared the faith and I wondered if he is able to forgive the driver. Now we are told he has but to be realistic it has to be painted as "I've forgiven the driver". Because there will be moments the couple will feel the loss acutely, the anger and grief will boil to the surface from nowhere inside. It would be easier if you could say somewhere and at least go find and deal with it. Yes, it wasn't typo to say nowhere.

Just as we love because He first loved us; so we forgive because he first forgave us.

What might it feel like to be forgiven. John Newton who wrote the hymn Amazing Grace put it well. Forgiving and forgiveness is given once is good enough but yet in real life is given and received daily!

"You told me that you live in the company of twenty thousand ghosts...slaves..."

"...there is still blood on my hands"

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  1. Have you forgiven the driver whom the WP promised to slap if he fell asleep?