Monday, February 18, 2013

Dispatched a Praying Mantis

The four unacceptable crawlies in the house are roaches, praying mantis, hornets and houseflies. Among these, the praying mantis is the rarest that I wonder if I should even blog about this. Unlike roaches, most likely it would be years before we can count the next one.

Praying mantis can deliver a nasty and bloody bite. I saw it first hand many years ago when a friend snatched one with his hands.

This one was killed last night. The kids spotted it resting on the ceiling.


  1. Why kill it? Just catch it and let it go. It is harmless and not a pest unlike roach and flies or a dangerous insect like a hornet. And it doesn't bite human. Your friend probably got scratch by its front claw when he snatch it.

  2. The praying mantis is COMPLETELY harmless and DOES NOT BITE. It is considered a BENEFICIAL insect because it eats less desirable bugs. Farmers love them because they eat other pests. Next time u find one release it into your yard, don't kill it!