Sunday, January 6, 2013

PAP defamation suits and falling standards

The above in full can be found at TKL's blog which told his experience of a company threatening him with a defamation suit. Helps me to understand those who had incurred the ire of NKF and CHC must have felt. TKL has courage.

My posts on local politics serve only two purposes: (1) To look up and help me decide how to vote in the next GE; (2) For my children's education. At the moment it looks awful for the PAP and SDP. Especially the former which I now find despicable. My preferred political parties at the moment are the WP and NSP with the SPP a distant third.

Look at how unforgivably sloppy the PAP has become.

I can't believe they are quarreling over letters. Why the letter from AIM did not have the usual, "with reference to..." that would have cleared all the doubt by placing this letter of termination in the right place. And a hotmail address for email? The Upper Changi Road address is the PAP HQ.

As the PAP forms the government today I start counting when the day comes where they cannot even reliably clear the daily rubbish. The rot which must have began sometime back has become too visible to hide. They aren't even embarrassed by their lack of professionalism. With such sloppiness how is AIM capable of managing large software systems? The director who signed on the letter didn't spot these mistakes? Did he even read the letter he had signed?

I never forget what the PM said in one of his earliest rally speeches. That we should be more tolerant of errors and think in terms of  "safe to fail" rather than fail safe. I thought that was really arrogant. How do you know when and what is safe to fail? Often you don't have enough wisdom to do that. From then on the standard of governance keep falling. 2012 was a banner year of government failures and corruption charges brought against senior civil servants and educators. I fear what 2013 might bring.

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  1. I went to Mr Tan's site to look and instantly I am reminded of the famous defamation suits of Mr Durai,CON KING number one in Singapore,Malaysia,and Batam,who went to prison and was charged and convicted by Singapore court,they look the same,the defamation suits I mean,is there a lesson there for PM Lee whose wife unfortunately went all the way to praise Con-King Mr Durai as one very up-right gentleman if I remember correctly,LOL.