Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baey's shameless confession: TCs are political

Link to Bertha Henson's post.

I read almost every post BH makes. I read Lucky Tan whenever TKL recommends it, and I only read Alex Au when he gets sued.

I agree with BH and I have something to add. Baey is adding to the dumb in PAP. Why did he have to follow after Grace Fu? He is a good MP. Why did he make such a stupid mistake? The WP has adopted an honest strategy which the PAP cannot hope to win. WP has only one message: They put the people of Singapore first and that includes the WP too. That is first class political communication. Every speech they make, every essay they write and even every song they sing ends in how and why they are putting Singaporeans and then Singapore first. As for the PAP, they claim to put Singapore first but not Singaporeans. What is Singapore without Singaporeans. It was a sleepy and mosquito infested fishing village. I remember learning that in primary school!

The PAP puts itself ahead of Singapore and to make sure it is fail safe, they booby trapped it. If the PAP goes down, they are taking Singapore along with them. Despicable and now with Baey's confession, shameless too.

Update: 10:30

For busy folks like most of us who cannot put the kind of effort many serious bloggers do. I just found this. It's pertinent. Thanks Andrew.

  • Andrew Loh Baey Yam Keng:

    "They do not belong to the government. They're governed by government regulations, but they're definitely not run by civil servants; and they're not a public agency."


    Town Councils Act:

    "All members, officers and employees of a Town Council and all employees of its managing agent shall be deemed to be public servants for the purposes of the Penal Code (Cap. 224)." 


    Mak Yuen Teen, associate professor at the NUS Business School; Esther Teo, accountancy honours graduate from the school.

    "[Town councils] are public institutions not operated for profit, and can be considered as equivalent to an Institution of a Public Character." 


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  1. Singapore was NOT a mosquito-infested fishing village when the PAP took over!!! Neither was it some barren place as Kuan Yew likes to say. Don't fall for these PAP claims. There were good roads, a thriving port, good schools, a good university etc etc etc. It was among the top 5 cities in this part of the world.

    Yes, there were fishing villages then. Yes, there kampongs then. But it wasn't all bad. They were charming places. The kampong dwellers had a damned sight more space to live in then the 3 rm flats they were squashed into when this govt took over. And of course you've heard of the kg spirit. It included tolerance of each other, which is missing these days.

    Yes, there were slums then. But there are slums NOW. It is not just the foreign workers crammed tog these days, but SINGAPOREANS having to squeeze 2 families in a 3-rm flat and even worse, because housing is so expensive.