Saturday, November 24, 2012

Waiting for the Lincoln movie

I haven't been to the theatres since we caught Star Trek for the second time (the first was in Dubai) back home.

I am going to see this movie when it comes and will pick up the DVD when it arrives. Thank you Steven Spielberg for doing this one. Like so many people I am most inspired by this man but I first came across him in primary school and not in English mind you but Chinese. He was featured as an honest boy in my CL text book. When I was doing NS, I found a book about him at Kinokuniya and was amazed by his wisdom, sense of duty and love. I thought he was rewriting parts of the Bible to tell the people what it meant for the time he lived and served and he wasn't even a Christian. So that's how to get real as a believer. Not the usual impractical messages from professional Christians bullying us from the pulpit. I thank God that the best preachers write good books and I was able to find them.

For the sake of our democracy, I hope many impractical idealists here go and watch this movie when it comes. They will find that this government which I often severely criticize isn't bad at all. Just imperfect as anything in this world.

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