Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Surreal, the NBG trial

This trial which I hardly follow except for headlines and a few spot paragraphs is reaching new depths of idiocy especially from the prosecution. Trysts in the car can't be love? So all trysts in cars and there must be many were bribery or prostitution? This is just inane. Prosecution grasping at straws.

I feel sorry for NBG's wife and Cecilia Sue's husband. I can imagine Sue keep having to tell more truth to her husband which was too painful to admit earlier. It must be very trust destroying.

Here's Sue's challenge and problem which the book "Brain Rules" can help us understand why she had been so inconsistent in her testimonies.

This idea that the brain might cheerily insert false information to make a coherent story underscores its admirable desire to create organization out of a bewildering and confusing world. The brain constantly receives new inputs and needs to store some of them in the same head already occupied by previous experiences. It makes sense of its world by trying to connect new information to previously encountered information, which means that new information routinely resculpts previously existing representations and sends the re-created whole back for new storage. What does this mean? Merely that present knowledge can bleed into past memories and become intertwined with them as if they were encountered together. Does that give you only an approximate view of reality? You bet it does. This tendency, by the way, can drive the criminal-justice system crazy.

Medina, John (2010-07-06). Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School (pp. 129-130). Perseus Books Group. Kindle Edition.

Sue was under exceptional pressure because telling the truth runs the risk of destroying her self identity, which unfortunately is founded on lies about her character. Now Sue wasn't exceptional, just unlucky. All humans are like that and that's why we need God's grace offered through Christ's sacrifice. We think we are good people? We can mostly get by through life thinking so but sometimes like Sue you are put in the spot.

Weeks before these court days, I had received an email from my ex boss about a conspiracy to bring NBG down. May be there is some truth to that. My confidence in the ability of the CPIB to do a good job is in doubt. It isn't shaken only because I hadn't read most of the reports of this case.

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