Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The USD in our lives

The USD is usually only a distant interest and affect us indirectly and often went unrecognized. But as I look at this chart it tell an important story of our lives over the last five years. And if I don't capture it now, it would be inconvenient as we turn the page to the new year.

So often we save or make money by luck or God's grace. This is the story of the USD-SGD chart for us. It is not that clear until you have the chance to look back.

I can see we sold so much USD for SGD at the highs. I understood what was happening but I couldn't like a scientist is able to operate like an engineer. Transferring knowledge to an application context is notoriously hard. Ah, I can see the 1.21 we were getting in September last year for booking all our accommodation for our trip the the US then :-) Not skill, completely luck.

And grace is better than luck. It can come in any form e.g., buying USD at the highs and selling at the lows. It is beyond our ability to fathom. By faith we are not afraid to lose big.

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