Friday, October 19, 2012

The scourge of A levels PW

A couple of years ago my ex boss complained that her son in HCI literally worked through the night over PW. Last night my daughter was scourged by the same experience :-( She only went to bed at 4:45am and was up to get ready for school at 6:00am. Boy, we didn't have it that hard when we were in JC long ago. At least she had company. They were not with her but all of them were on the phone and online - the marvels of modern technology. Of course all of them could only get to sleep as late as her. They loved to do everything together.

There were rumors that PW will cease from 2015, but I cannot find any documentary evidence to support that. I hope so. The kids learn a few things but I think it was very wasteful and inefficient.

She messaged me that she qualifies to offer H3 subjects but I think she is likely to turn it down. We are not keen on any of those overseas scholarships. Who wants to be bonded these days? Schooling is a tiring experience in Singapore. Unlike the O levels, the A levels is really a strain. No need the additional burden of H3s.

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