Monday, October 29, 2012

Tharman on the PSLE

When she was readying herself for the O levels, I had occasionally reminded my daughter that the PSLE is more stressful because it is based on the T-score system. I am glad Tharman even if only speaking in a personal capacity publicly admits this. It is a no brainer.

I don't believe our kids will slacken academically if we scrap the PSLE. My larger worry is an academic system that over time as students work to game it poorly prepare them to successfully join the workforce or start their own business. A fine grain system like the PSLE is precisely the sort of system we don't want to keep. Fighting for the last mark at the expense of many other life's lessons is simply a bad way to bring up kids.

If jettisoning the PSLE is too daring, I think a system of bands to replace the T-score approach would be a real and welcomed improvement to reduce stress and ameliorate competition.

As it is, we are giving up too much other parts of our life for the PSLE. It has become a god when as always it ought to be a servant.

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