Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trying His Patience

Some days I am reminded more than most days that we really try the Lord's patience with us. Even if we dare to talk about how others are trying his patience, we are immediately reminded how Daniel prayed. He included himself with his people.

The non-believers around certainly do not see it this way. Mostly they ignore us. Some think we are hypocrites.

I wished purported believers would realize and be frightened, but the Lord's patience knows no bounds.

I thank God for Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and many less well known names that I am fortunate to come across. From across space and time they reach over and show me how to read my Bible. Wonderful pockets of grace that pierce the black clouds like stars scintillating in the night sky.

As for BSF? What's that?

If you don't grow in grace, I can't tell but it is wise to ask if you have been made alive by grace in the first place. In our times Mother Teresa was a standard bearer. She never judge anyone because as she explained, if you judge you have no time to love.

What is commonplace today is performance Christianity; not grace founded Christianity. That's why the staunch Christians often keep to the safety of their social circles where they can live their theology. They wouldn't know how to be Christians otherwise.

When you grow up from Romans 8 you will find Romans 9 waiting.

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