Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ng vs Sue: Suggestive SMSes

Lobbing back at Cecilia Sue with these SMSes? What was privately sent in affection is now publicly declared with hatred. Everyone is trying to protect their reputation. It used to be if you lose your reputation you have lost everything.

It is a given especially when it was done in secret and now put into the open. People will not be consistent, they will be untruthful. I prefer not to say lie. They are under a lot of pressure. For shorthand, like how Adam and Eve must have felt when God came looking for them after they had eaten the forbidden fruit.

I tend to be kind in such situations. I look for opportunities for redemption. It will take time.

It is truly amazing how somethings done most secretly can feel so right but becomes utterly wrong and shameful when made public.

This is us. The rest who aren't caught are throwing stones. Did I spy nine comments? There will be more.

So how do we understand this? It took me many years to understand and I am still learning. It is about our pride, our egoes. There are many ways to look at this that it would use up a book to write.

Now that the whole thing has been exposed private lovers become public enemies.

Why did God choose to use the metaphor of a marriage/love relationship between a man and a woman to communicate his love for us? The Lord used my first love to teach me the nature of his love and I have been in his school ever since. I never graduate. There is so much to learn. What marvelous grace. Mother Teresa is one of the top students in this school.

They say charity begins at home. I recall my late mom used to chide us that we wouldn't understand how she feels until we have children of our own. My late father preferred that we pay it forward: in the love we give to our children. Filial piety to him is a bankrupt idea. He was right!

Between leaving home and having children you get married. You learn to love with the person you marry then you learn to raise your children afterward. Prior to that you learn to love with the girl friend or boy friend you have. In this sense, those who are lucky to get it right do not have many girl friends or boy friends before they settle on the one to marry. This is now a rarely trodden path. The work of the Devil is to destroy the family. Looks like he is succeeding.

When you betray your spouse, it is designed to hurt as deeply as we betray God. You do not know what love is because all the love was self directed to feed the ego. Lust is just giving power to the ego, worshiping the self. It is an abomination to God. That's why before Amazing Grace came, the guilty were stoned to death.

When the ego is denied its food it is time for redemption. I have written less than 1% of what is on my mind.

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