Monday, September 10, 2012

COV speculations

I think this email which came in an hour ago is probably a copy and paste from Property Guru today.

I have been thinking about the implications of dismal trade numbers out of China. What if the risk money that was put to work in normal times are now leaving China? Outside the SOEs small time entrepreneurs have never felt secure about their money. Why not take it out when it cannot be put to work making goods for export etc., Some of it arrives here and are willing to pay outrageous COVs. Seeking a safe harbor, foreign money will be supporting, even raising real estate prices for a while.

I don't know if I am right but it would be interesting to watch. Not a bad idea to sell it to them and buy back cheaper later during a reversion to the mean adjustment.

Happy times for real estate agents while dark clouds are hanging over most of the economy. You don't see it yet as this is a weather forecast.

If my guess is right, it would be a headache for Min Khaw and the government because locals will still be 'traumatised' after he tried so hard to assuage their fears.

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