Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NaviMap: University Education Conundrum

My first proper NaviMap done with TouchDraw yesterday and I was poring over it on and off the entire evening and this morning.

Parents are already aware even if not conceptually or able to see the forest why even up to university level you want your children to gain entry into the elite departments or schools. NUS is not an Ivy League college with small enrollment. It is modeled on a large public university. The ranks of the elites is tiny which get sorted into these high status schools or departments. When they leave school they usually get the plump jobs with the highest starting pay and a progressive career path.

The blue add on represent a possible future with the "lowest threshold" to a successful future for our youth. Clearly it suggest like Einstein had been at pains in advising that you cannot solve the problems created with the same methods that had created it. No new wine in old wine skins.

I might go to my other blog to write this up properly. Few people would understand this. I want to mark this moment as the discovery of a more productive tool to create NaviMaps.

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