Friday, July 13, 2012

LTA both the thief and policeman

LTA is both the promoter in planning and facilitating the building of routes and land transport infrastructure and its regulator. This is a first class Pollyanna idea that will not work.  Give it enough time when the stinging and shameful burn on the face fade away we shall have another epic fiasco. Quite simply the thief and policeman cannot be the same guy. Humans are not saints or angels. This is what happen when you admit responsibility but fail to apologize.

Well may be MAS or SGX, some other agency perhaps will screw up before LTA do so again.

A Today Online report concludes with a noteworthy point.

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (Amendment) Bill was not passed yesterday as fewer than a quarter of members were present in the House at the end of the debate. Mr Lui is expected to address the LTA's role in last December's train disruptions in Parliament today.

And a chap on facebook remarked that all the opposition MPs were present.

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